Are we sacrificing the future?

On October 24th it was possible to read about the university’s suggestion for future cuts in the different faculties within the university.  This decision instantly … Fortsett å lese Are we sacrificing the future?

TSI Judo

To understand the reality of training with TSI judo at UiT, one must go all the way back to the original philosophy and the ways … Fortsett å lese TSI Judo

Not just A Christmas Carol…

It is much more than that! It is magical and at the same time both humorous and terrifying – a piece of theater that manages … Fortsett å lese Not just A Christmas Carol…

Deciding the future

People of Tromsø and experts of the oil industry gathered to discuss some important issues about the main industry of the country.

Utropia får leve videre!

Studentmagasinet beholder støtte videre fra semesteravgifts fordeling.

Green economy in Tromsø

Once a month the Norwegian Environmental Association “Framtiden i våre hender” invites both the citizens of Tromsø and several speakers to have breakfast in the … Fortsett å lese Green economy in Tromsø