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Underwater spring

Spring in the arctic. While most people think of blooming flowers, bird songs and melting snow, the spring in Tromsø is so much more. Below … Fortsett å lese Underwater spring

TSI SURK: Underwater Rugby

This crazy sport is an anaerobic, three-dimensional and a funny alternative to swimming. A great dose of adrenaline is ensured in every training session and … Fortsett å lese TSI SURK: Underwater Rugby

Doing Cote d’Azur the Right Way

Sorry for this vacation-teaser in the middle of your exams, but I hope it will inspire you to have some fabulous NICE time when it’s … Fortsett å lese Doing Cote d’Azur the Right Way

Time to Ride the Bike!

Spring finally comes to Tromsø, no more icy roads and freezing wind. It is the perfect time to ride your bike and enjoy the midnight … Fortsett å lese Time to Ride the Bike!

Think globally, eat locally!

Tromsø Library has once again hosted the monthly Breakfast Seminar organised by The Future in Our Hands North. This time the speakers shared their knowledge … Fortsett å lese Think globally, eat locally!