«Vårsemesteret nærmer seg slutten..»

Påskeferien er over, april er kommet og eksamenstiden nærmer seg med stormskritt. Forhåpentligvis har du lest jevnt og trutt gjennom hele semesteret, og har nå … Fortsett å lese «Vårsemesteret nærmer seg slutten..»

University Street Style: Spring

The idea came to me when I was staring at a magazine in a local store. The magazine had a catching street-style photo cover and … Fortsett å lese University Street Style: Spring

Living next door to terrorists

The absence of peace concerns every country nowadays. Technology has made distance imperceptible, opened new opportunities and at the same time turned the world into … Fortsett å lese Living next door to terrorists

Gaming Addiction – Fact or Fiction

2003 was an amazing year for gaming, I’ll never forget it. Some of my most fondly remembered games came out during that time: Prince of … Fortsett å lese Gaming Addiction – Fact or Fiction

Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Fit for Life – A Monthly Based Column with the Best Exercises of the Month

Biophilia: a love of life

Have you ever wondered why your Facebook wall is full of GIFs of cute puppies and kittens? Why both your little sister and your moustached … Fortsett å lese Biophilia: a love of life